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Kelly Maldonado Art


Hello and Welcome! I am a Mom, Wife, Friend and Daughter.  I thought my life would be less complicated by now but it seems to just get busier and busier!

I have always created art in some form for as long as I can remember. Like many, when the world was locked down, I ran out of things to clean and sourdough to bake so I picked up one of my many sketchbooks and started drawing again. 

I've participated in local art events for several years. I am part of an amazing online art community (join us on Twitch!).  I have this store / website, Instagram, and I stream on Twitch.

This year (2023) is one of change and growth. The office I have worked at since 2007 is closing and I am taking the leap to full time artist! I have also partnered with Anthony Wheeler to help him get to the next level! To say I am excited about my future would be an understatement.

I do alot of mechanical animals and insects - this octopus is the first one I ever drew, you can see that he is a bit different than the others. As I worked out more they grew into their own style. Now I have evolved again and I am working on a Dinosaur series in Black and White (ink) as well as a duplicate in watercolor and ink. I am a traditional artist but with the dinosaur series I am starting the sketch and line work digitally, I print on Strathmore bristol paper and then do the ink/watercolor.

Mech Octopus - Ink

Stegosaurus - Black and White / InkStegosaurus - Watercolor and Ink